Professional Referral Policy

Dated: 1st December 2023

At Hirely Health, we value your commitment to connecting healthcare professionals with job opportunities in the healthcare industry. To show our appreciation for your dedication and support, we have created a referral policy that rewards you for referring talented healthcare professionals to our platform. This policy outlines the rewards structure and bonuses available for your referrals.

Referral Rewards Structure:

In order to qualify for the reward, your referee needs to successfully secure a job through the Hirely Health platform.

If you refer a UK candidate, you and your referee will both get £150. If you refer an international candidate, you and your referee will both get £100. There is no limit as to how many candidates you can refer.

These rewards are available for a limited time only and can be reduced and stopped at any time.

You will get the reward that was public on our website at the time your referee signed up to the Hirely Health platform.

For example, you refer a UK candidate using our current scheme at £300 per referral (£150 for both you and your referee). However, if we later decrease the reward to £200 (£100 for you and your referee) within a month and if your referee signs up before the change, you will still receive the original £300 reward, even if your referee secures a job after the reward has been changed.

You will get paid once your referee has successfully started and completed their first day in their new job. The payment will be made through Paypal. Someone from Hirely Health will be in touch to make the payment.

The referral scheme is only applicable to permanent roles. If the healthcare professional you have referred gets a temporary role through the Hirely Health platform, you will not qualify for the referral bonus.

Additional Information:

  1. Referrals must be healthcare professionals looking for job opportunities on the Hirely Health platform.
  2. To qualify for referral earnings, the referee must get a job through the Hirely Health platform.
  3. Earnings will be paid out once to referee has successfully completed their first day at their new job.
  4. There is no limit on the amount of referrals.
  5. The referral scheme only applies to permanent roles.
  6. The referral values are subject to foreign exchange rates.
  7. Payouts will be made through Paypal.
  8. Payouts are sent 30 days after PCB Global Tech Ltd has received payments from any agencies or a third party associated with the referee hire.
  9. The first person to refer to the candidates will be deemed the referrer. If they are subsequently referred by another person, the additional referral will not be counted. A candidate can only be referred once.
  10. A referral is only deemed a referral if the referee receives your referral code in a digital format and they register via your link. The name is then tracked by our software.
  11. This referral policy is subject to change, and any updates will be communicated to you in advance.
  12. PCB Global Tech reserves the right to withhold unpaid referrals in the case of any activity deemed inappropriate.

For any questions, please email: