For Agency and Healthcare Employers
  1. Good communication - No ghosting, respond within 24 hours, utilise Hirely Health messenger.
  2. No fake jobs - Don't just put up jobs to match with candidates, uploaded vacancies must be live/real roles.
  3. Integrity - No inappropriate behaviour, no double booking.
  4. Transparency with the candidates - Be transparent about rates, location, and general information on roles.
  5. Clear reporting
  6. Abide by frameworks
  7. Good platform usage - Upload vacancies, update statuses, use the platform properly, and respond promptly to matches.
  8. Work closely with the Hirely team - Collaborate with us to help us improve the platform.
  9. Respect the candidates - Respect their time, no spamming, no unsolicited calls.
  10. Keep a safe and professional environment
  11. Benefits of being part of our Hirely Health community and using our platform:

    • Access to pre-vetted high-calibre candidates
    • Fast matching experience
    • Onboard new candidates every week
    • Latest tech matching technology
    • Reduce reliance on outdated job boards
    • Positively presented to the market
    • Exclusivity - We only work with a vetted network of agencies
    • Handpicked agencies only
    • We do our best to promote your company